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Now Accepting Applications for Hydroponic, Ornamental, and Cannabis Beta Testers

With an average dosage around just 1ml x 100 gallons of water, large and small grow operations will see at minimum an average of 10% increase in yield. Since we are still in beta testing on these industries, projections are based on the 350,000 acres and counting of agriculture including grapes, tomatoes, peaches and pistachios. If we are giving California table grape growers the best grapes they've seen in 20 years, we are ecstatic to see what it can do in these new applications.

WaterSOLV™ Curative is not a fertilizer, nutrient, or mineral. WaterSOLV™ is a proprietary blend of chemistry that unlocks the nutrients already present in water and soil. We have growers that have exponentially increased the life of or even sold their reverse osmosis systems after using WaterSOLV™ for their seedling operations.

As minerals bond with carbonate, these bonds make the natural, essential minerals impossible for the plant to use. Likewise, these minerals crystalize in water lines causing scale to form and plugging emitters. This same process happens within the plant cellulose. Nutrients that are bound up crystalize, which you can see from uneven coloration of the leaves and general stress on the plant. This limits growth potential of the plant inherently.

And while all water has a different mineral makeup, WaterSOLV™ indiscriminately binds to these minerals (through ion exchange), keeping the minerals from becoming bound up again (ionic), even after the water evaporates and is absorbed by the soil and the plant.

Instinctively we know that natural is always best. And now we can prove it. Unlock the power of mineral rich hard water with WaterSOLV. Contact us today for a custom assessment and to be considered for one of the beta testers.

(888) 788-5807

Well-Klean© and WaterSOLV™ are registered trade names of HCT, LLC | Scottsdale, AZ

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