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Three Years of WaterSOLV™ at Baseline Trees in Phoenix, AZ

The prolific wholesaler Baseline Trees at South Mountain is in their third summer using HCT WaterSOLV on dozens of varieties of boxed trees and his testimonial speaks for itself!

"21 years of doing this, what I've got from you is the only thing different."

"It's just the best stuff I've ever used."

Baseline's tree catalogue has dozens of different species of trees on their extensive wholesale tree catalogue all boxed. They're reporting growth in even the most heat sensitive species in the middle of a record breaking summer in the desert.

Hard water normally means more scale, more fertilizers, and more acid, higher water demand from lower soil penetration and excessive evaporation.

Though acid can break down scale, the ions are still susceptible to complex as water evaporates, the minerals saturate and precipitate as hard bound scale. Complexes like calcium chloride, calcium sulfate and calcium phosphate - all very insoluble and contributors to the problems.

The Solution: WaterSOLV™ breaks down precipitated and suspended scale into “stable” dissolved solids, suitable as an absorbable plant nutrient!

Our formula is certified under the California Department of Food & Agriculture

as an Auxiliary Soil & Plant Substance. It is a liquid curative and then preventative

that remediates salt, chloride and minerals in both water and soil.

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