Well-Klean® Water Well Rehabilitation Solutions

Here is our program at a glance . . .

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Because Your Safety is our Top Priority - we offer a very powerful, aggressive and effective program for the remediation, and in some cases, restoration, of water wells. Our program is synergy between chemistry, processes and procedures, that yield the optimum and longest lasting results - that we know of.

Site must have potable water and wash stations.


A peroxide based and an HCl based solution. As concentrated as can be to optimize efficiency and logistics. The most effective remediation solutions we know of to date - chemistry that works, if we use them properly, and to their fullest extent.

That's Where it all Starts! The Assessment and Recommendations

How much chemistry, what processes, what procedures, what order, how much energy, how much soak time. Did we say neutralize and passivate downhole and do we have scientific proof that is the best process? Correct - we do not guess - we test. Tell us everything you can about your well, using our Discovery Questionnaire - provide us a downhole video (using our www.wetransfer.com service, or email us a video survey, and we'll write the most effective prescriptions to make your well healthy once again.

Our Cleaning Processes (General Guidelines that vary significantly from well to wel