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Topical Applications

Absolutely you may topically apply.

It’s usually compatible with most fertilizers, actually beneficial to make the nutrient more soluble and available.

You’ll want to do some homework before selecting your products and the amount;

  1. Are we fixing cementation, biology or both

  2. How often will we apply the product

  3. How much should or can we apply for the desired outcome


Download our mobile phone calculator

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You can enter your water quality data, and your topical application dynamics to get the proper amount of product(s) to apply for the conditions and the outcome you wish to seek. In other words, you can put down a lot to get faster results if you first assure the right products for the right soil issues. Please be sure to water chemical off of the tissue, down to the soil immediately following application.

CAUTION - Fixing cementation saturated with NO3-N > 20 ppm has to incorporate the WaterSOLV™ BC. Where Na is problem, more product, water and flushing are necessary to get the chloride salts treated, detoxified and moving.

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