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The WaterSOLV Challenge: Fertilizer vs. Available Nutrition

What's it going to take for your water to convert this fertilizer to available nutrition?

The difference between fertilizer and available nutrition has superintendents, agronomists and gardeners in shock.

Watch the full video and so many more on the HCTLLC youtube channel

Ironite consists of:

1% nitrogen

1% soluble potash

5% sulfur

8% calcium

20% iron


Ironite placed in both beakers

Add purified water to Beaker 1 and Beaker 2

Add exaggerated amount of Hydrochloric acid based WaterSOLV™Curative to Beaker 1

Immediately see the WaterSOLV™ treated water start to break down the Ironite pellets.

6 days later Ironite pellets are completely broken down in the WaterSOLV™ treated water and barely

beginning to dissolve in the untreated distilled water.

This is the difference between adding nutrients and making them available for optimal plant absorption by modifying the water with WaterSOLV. Nutrients that are bound, complexed and not available for root uptake can still be absorbed in a complexed form and do more harm to the plant than good by making the plant work harder, and by restriction hydration and available nutrition. This is evident, for example, when plants are observed to be pushing out toxicity through their foliage. Uneven coloring, growth, and more can all be treated, liberated and utilized in a matter of months at just +/- 3-6 ppm of WaterSOLV™ Curative / program based around revolutionary proprietary chemistry brought to you by the team at HCT.

Traditional agronomic practices dictate that lack of response to fertilizer often calls for even more fertilizer, the use of sulfuric acid, and manipulating pH levels to see short lived and meager results. For years we have relied on lowering pH which over time (2-4 years) shows worsening results. Smart chemistry now ionically satisfies nutrients on an ionic level to prevent nutrients from becoming bound in the first place, while melting like butter the elements that bond, and that have held the health and power of your water, nutrition and soil hostage this whole time!

We can’t wait for you to see what our WaterSOLV™ Program can do for you. Vegetation vitality like never seen before, at lower costs, higher efficiencies and with less water (about 15%).

We look forward to hearing from you:

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