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Descaler - Perhaps the most concentrated and fastest acting, organically inhibited, catalyzed acid solution available in the market today for the removal of mineral scale and metal oxides. Safe for handling yet extremely fumy. Mineral scales dissolve within 12 hours, oxide metals dissolve over a 72-hour soak time. Safe to leave downhole for days. Where other products are specified, it usually takes ½ the amount of product to do twice the work in ½ the time – it’s all about the chemistry and the concentration, why ship water across the country. 


Removes silicate scale. Environmentally safe. When properly neutralized, effluent is almost always beneficial for disposal to soils, pond and lakes. Well-Klean© Pre-blend contains all the necessary components necessary for optimum and effective descaling when subscribing to HCT’s Best Practices. Ideal for use in removing scale on heat exchangers. Additional Well-Klean© Concentrate is advise where increased corrosion protection is desired – steel wire wrap well casing, tube and shell heat exchangers. Nothing that removes scale will not compromise galvanization to some degree.  


Available in 5 gl. poly pails, 55 gl. Poly drums and 265 gl. IBC containers 

Bioremediation Solution - When the analytical data shows 90% percent of wells are not scaled, but colonized by bacteria, it was time to develop a bioremediation solution. After years of work and research, this organically inhibited, catalyzed, hydrogen peroxide solution proved to be the best available technology. As concentrated as possible, WaterSOLV™ BC, at prescribed use rates, breaks down the biofilms produced by bacteria while destroying the bacteria DNA. The more cleaning, the longer lasting. After use, no neutralization is necessary, classified as non-corrosive. Special use considerations are always in play; amount of product, rate of application, soak times, and number of applications. WaterSOLV™ BC is environmentally safe and properly diluted, the effluent is usually beneficial for soils, including vegetation, ponds and lakes. Use rates usually range from 4 to as much as 10% and potentially multiple applications. Soak times are usually prescribed at 72 hours. 

Available in 5 gl. poly pails, 53 gl. Poly drums and 2-part 305 gl. IBC containers 



The proprietary base chemistry, making powerful chemical like muriatic acid and hydrogen safer, less corrosive, yet more effective. Operates also as the corrosion inhibitor, surfactant, and sequestering agents. Utilized where additional corrosion protection from acid is necessary, usually where there are compromised casings or wire wrap steel casings. Also suppresses downhole reactions.


Available in 5 gl. poly pails, 55 gl. Poly drums and 265 gl. IBC containers 

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