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Similar to water and soil “culprits”; bicarbonate, chloride and the natural anion/cation charge attractions that tie up salts (not salt as in Na but salts in nutrients), bacteria can play an enormous role that can be beneficial or destructive to soil health. If the bacteria are sufficient in numbers, if the food sources for bacteria are sufficient (S, SO4-S, Mn, Fe), in the water, and or the soil can cause significant issues. A little of either class; aerobic or anaerobic, is usually beneficial, but too much of either can lead to problems. Aerobic biofilms (polysaccharides) can block the flow of just about everything, impervious to just about everything. Anaerobic bacteria exude toxic sulfurous acid, lethal hydrogen sulfide gas (rotten egg odor) and water which in turn cause continuously wet soil (perpetuating fungi, mold mildew and yeast).


Test (HCT Bac T): Total Bacteria Dip Slide Test (2-day incubation)


Sample Instructions: 6 fl. ounces of the untreated source water in a clean plastic water bottle. Avoid excessive heat.


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Irrigation Water Bac T Analysis

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