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Number one input on soil for vegetation. Number one product consumed by vegetation. While water is beneficial, what’s in your water usually has the potential to hurt soil and your vegetation. Top problem, sodium (salt), it is highly soluble in water. Problem 2, unavailable nutrition. While nitrogen and sulfur are common readily available to plant fertilizers, plants also need the minerals and metals, which are usually in the soil in the form of scale. If you can’t get a probe into the soil easily, the roots of the plant are not getting what they need. This cementation of the soil and the nutrients can also proliferate disease, usually at the plants root base. Disease is also prevalent where soils tend to always hold water and never dry out. This is because most bacteria diseases produce water as well as toxins.


Test (HCT-IW): We’re going to quantify the waters contents of mineral and metal nutrients, toxins, and biological food sources. This allows us to determine what is going onto your soils for your vegetation, what’s beneficial and what’s not, and what is needed to be done to the water to make it beneficial.


Sample Instructions: 16 fl. ounces of the untreated source water in a clean plastic water bottle. Avoid excessive



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Irrigation Water Analysis

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