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Why would we be adding calcium, iron or anything else if we have an abundance in the soil? The answer would be because the vegetation needs it. Likewise for P and K, and why would sodium, zinc and sulfate accumulate in mass amounts in soils when they are extremely soluble in water and should flush? Soil pore space as well as the rate of water infiltration is essential for vegetation vitality. When these items accumulate in the soil in masses, they consume pore space, perpetuate bio issues, bio-films, toxic bio-exudates and gradually disease. What specifically are the problems (scale, metals, toxins, bio-films, bio-exudates), at what layer are they – what products will deal with them beneficially for our soils and crops and be sustainable? Aren’t most of these accumulations nutrition that you bought that accumulated and plugged up the soils? What of that accumulation has been costing you 20% yield for nuts and 50% yield for citrus? What if it perpetuated disease?


Test (L-TD): Legacy Total Digestion


Sample Instructions: 1 cup minimum of targeted soil

Order Form Descriptive: site, location, sample ID, depth range, problem, objective


After completing your order, please download digital products and follow instructions.

Total Soil Digestion

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