Water Well Rehabilitation Products

WaterSOLV™ BC 




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A cleaner of iron and black slime and nodules in water wells. A much more powerful and effective cleaner than chlorine, other oxidizers and bio-dispersants. Penetrates, wicks and weeps into matter for deep cleaning and long-lasting results. Used during brushing and bailing to prevent the spread of contaminants. Used as the first process of remediation to break down polysaccharides so that descalers can access mineral deposits. Also used to aid water in the removal of drilling mud.


Typically applied at ranges from 2 to as much 17 fl. ounces per gallon of well water. 


Well-Klean© Pipe-Klean Pre-blend 




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A descaler for the removal carbonate mineral scale and oxide based sludges. Removes carbonate scale very fast (soak time is typically 12 hours). For oxide deposits, soak time is 72 hours. May be left downhole indefinitely without concern of corrosion.


Typically applied at ranges from 3.2 (2.5%) to 38 (30%) fl. ounces per gallon of well water.


Well-Klean© Pipe-Klean Concentrate 




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Another multi-functional product – An organic corrosion inhibitor and a catalyst to most acids and oxidizers – a dispersant separating soluble water product from insoluble – a pH down for adjusting pH for disinfection.


Typically applied in cleaning wire wrap steel casing at 10% of the WaterSOLV™ BC and 10% of the Well-Klean© Pipe-Klean Pre-blend applied to further mitigate corrosion due to metallic surface area. Also used when pre-blending acids and oxidizers above ground to provide adequate corrosion protection on the above ground tank(s).