Breakthrough WaterSOLV Turf Program

What Customers are Saying and FAQ's

The HCT, LLC WaterSOLV Turf program has been revolutionary with golf superintendents for its multifaceted impact on turf management, revitalizing even the most problematic, unfavorable water and soil conditions with one or two of HCT's water treatment additives.


Black matter, sprinklers clogged with shells, impenetrable mineral scale and soil cake, caliche, dead spots that you may have given up on, even fairy ring, all can be resolved with our unconventional, break-through chemistry at just 1 to 3 gallons per acre ft. of water use. Try it out by just spray treating the toughest spot on your course for a few weeks to see real results.

The New Sod Solution

"Just three days after laying sod, the roots are completely attached and there are no signs of turf stress anywhere. The sod grower and I have never seen anything like this before."

Our BC product has a new slogan; Continuous Chemical Aerification


"It seems the black layer is in regression with just the WaterSOLV Curative. I keep an eye on it and it seems to be getting better" 1/2018, Gary Hickerson, Papago Golf Course 


"WaterSOLV Curative suppresses the conditions conducive to supporting the bacteria and so gradual reduction has been observed by a lot of users and even at this early stage of users.

The BC product however goes after it directly, and, it oxygenates and hydrates the soil, combating anoxic biomatter while enhancing the performance of aerobic bacteria and vitality of turf. WaterSOLV BC is usually only applied at 1/2 to 1 1/2 ppm - on the average golf course in the Southwest it is about 90 gallons and just $4,000 a year."  Todd Eden

"Curative has definitely opened up the ground and soften things. We rarely break aerification tines when we aerify. I'm looking forward to seeing things during transition." 1/2018  Jason, Litchfield Park, AZ


Continuous Mineral, Nutrient and Salt Mitigation with WaterSOLV™ Solutions


"I wouldn’t want to operate the course without it."  8/2017 Gary, Tempe, AZ 

660 ppm sodium, 1.5 inches of clay on granite, pH 7.81, happy worms, striped fairways of bermuda, some of the finest looking AZ summer turf ever seen, using 1/3rd the nutrition - 6/2018 - Papago Golf Course.