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What they're saying: changing the world of agronomy

  1. She said it was the first NCAA Regional Tournament in her career, the only hazards marked were the sprinklers.

  2. We just had 2 inches of rain and this is the first time we’ve not had standing water.

  3. Our 600+ trees used to have blight. They don’t anymore. All the neighbors’ trees still have blight.

  4. I was in search of Fairy Ring to pull samples and do some evaluations. Not a single WaterSOLV™ user had any.

  5. I have tried to grow grass on this slope and that fairway, forever. I’ve tried everything, even new sod on multiple occasions. Your Curative is the only thing different and we’ve got grass there and everywhere. (Clay soils, too.)

  6. We just put down this sod 3 days ago, try to pull it up. You can’t. You can even see the edges between the rolls. That’s your WaterSOLV™ product doing that.

  7. Our sod budget was $34,000 a year, and we’ve not used a penny of it since we went on your program over 4 years ago.

  8. Our sodium issues are gone.

  9. The tissues were the best leaves we’d ever seen, size and color. They had over 1,000 ppm sodium and 1,000 ppm chloride. How do you do that?

  10. We just experienced the best strawberry harvest ever, in the history of our company.

  11. Our growers averaged a 20% increase in nut production (both almonds and pistachios).

  12. I used the product three years ago and was baffled with a 20% increase in nut production. I didn’t use it the following year and the production was down near 20%. I went back on it the following year and recovered the 20% gain.

  13. Even though you have clients reporting 50% increase in citrus yields, you just can’t say that in a sales presentation. . . Remember you asked me not to say 50% increase in citrus? You just conveyed XYZ companies 60% increase in citrus yield (lemons). LOL

  14. Our snail infestation went away the second year. (And HCT knows why!)

  15. I shut down using our R.O. system in our seedling operation, use our canal water and both WaterSOLV™ Curative and BC with our fertilizer mix. Let me sell our R.O. System before you go to market about this.

  16. I took the sludge in our pond and added it to my mulch pile like you suggested. That was a beneficial recommendation.

  17. These pine trees, mid-summer, Phoenix AZ, boxed, direct sunlight exposure, temperatures over 120 deg. F. in the shade, they don’t even know it is summer and are still pushing.

  18. We don’t buy toothpicks anymore to deal with plugged emitters.

  19. What did you guys use to clean our drip lines? We had a significant push in vegetation growth and vitality. Can we use it for treating our water and soils?

  20. This is the best grape production I have seen in this valley for more than 20 years. The harvesting was improved as well, uniformity and only two snips per bundle. Major cost savings and financial gain.

  21. What was amazing about the block of almonds planted was each trees uniformity. You know what that means, they are all getting the same conditions, hydration, nutrition, etc.

  22. This is the first season in my decades of growing avocados that we had moisture at the 24 inch depth. "So are you seeing the water use reduction now?" Heavens no, not yet, we are trying to get 36 inches moisture depth.

  23. There tress have been here 15 years and never grew. They are blowing out of the ground now since we began using the product on our turf.

  24. I took one man off sprinkler head and emitter cleaning and put him on mowing.

  25. Our core aerification is like punching holes in butter.

  26. I full tote of Curative put out on 18 holes in 1 night, accidentally. No burn, hardpan gone, I can sink a probe by hand, no mallet required, I’m bailing hay like no other and just ordered growth regulator.

  27. We tilled the entire block without wearing out a single blade tip.

  28. Tilling is like dealing with butter not bricks.

  29. We actually had green dye flush out of the greens.

  30. Your products were the only products that liberated the green dye from the core samples.

  31. After five years, the USGA sand based green looked perfect other than the moderate compaction in the first tier (of which was slated for 20% core removal in 2 weeks which they do every year).

  32. My use of wetting agents and fungicides have diminished significantly.

  33. Those wet, soggy, never to dry areas; also the fairways after a rain holding water – gone! No longer an issue.

  34. The brown spots filled in over about 6 weeks. Not a bad spot on the course.

  35. Consistently a+/-15% reduction in water demand and nutritional necessities. Greater reductions year one on nutritional demand as the accumulated nutrition is harvested from the soils. I just had that natural need to add some fertilizer but didn’t need to.

  36. I’ve grown bent grass successfully for 20 years. This facility had me stumped. We even rebuilt and re-sodded. Nobody could figure it out, even the sod supplier. HCT ran their Legacy Test Method for available nutrition and total soil content. It identified the actual sodium levels. Within four weeks and some WaterSOLV™ applications, we had excellent turf and were back on top of our game.

  37. Lots of people just can't believe that we are mowing bent grass in South Texas at 100 degrees F with no disease or stress in July!

  38. I have used the pHix twice in the last 28 days; once for a flush, and another time in combo with our wetting agent program. Both times were 3 gal /acre rates. Greens are unbelievably good for this time of year and we’ve never kept heights this low through the summer months. FYI – Central Texas as set 18 records for heat and drought this summer (2022).

  39. Scottsdale Arizona, 100% reclaim water, private full size upscale course – I’ve not had to pull a hose onto a green in over three years.

  40. San Angelo, TX - I am currently using the HCT product. I have really bad water and this product has been a game changer for my nursery business. (HCT - “It is really bad water!”)

  41. First time here we have ever had 100% coverage on the greens. Members are ecstatic and so am I.

  42. The WaterSOLV™ program is working better than we expected. Specifically, we were able to irrigate for 12 days straight (no-stopping) without any puddling... simply amazing when taking into account the cementation and sodium levels we were dealing with!

  43. Based on their yield they will be able to forego compost on 1,000 acres this coming year.

  44. I had the best transition of my career last year. This year, having used WaterSOLV™, stunningly, was even better.

  45. HCT is the only chemical company I've dealt with that actually told me to turn down the amount of the chemistry I was applying.

  46. WaterSOLV™ BC and its' continuous chemical aerification, that is one of the impressive products I've seen in my tenure as an agronomist.

  47. I tried for three years trying to catch HCT is a misrepresentation or overstating their deliverables. It never happened (and we at HCT are dedicated to see that it doesn't).

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