WaterSOLV™ BC Now Organic Materials Research Institute (OMRI) listed

We’re happy to announce that we have successfully obtained the Organic Materials Research Institute (OMRI) also the National Organic Program (NOP) listing for both WaterSOLV™ Curative and now, as of 11/19/2021, WaterSOLV™ BC.

Organic growers finally have a sustainable solution for cleaning and keeping drip lines clean, liberating minerals trapped in hard water with no added salt, remediating the most impenetrable of soils and mitigating mussels, mollusks and snails.

A foundational synergy of chemistry and biocide that restores the physicality of soils, while making available hydration and nutrition, even soil plagued by solid caliche, transforming it into soluble calcium.

Less expensive than sulfurous acids, 1/10th the amount of acid, liberating the bound-up salts in the soil to available nutrition, detoxifying the sodium and chloride, balancing bacteria, while adding dissolved oxygen (continuous chemical aerification) and with 15% less water demand.

Of all things, OMRI/NOP label precautions for the WaterSOLV™ BC:

OMRI - USDA National Organic Program Restrictions and/or cautions: For use as a plant disease control, or as an algaecide, disinfectant, or sanitizer. May only be used if the requirements of 205.206(e) are met, which requires the use of preventative, mechanical, physical, and other pest, weed, and disease management practices. For use as an inert ingredient in passive pheromone dispensers. NOP: Hydrogen Peroxide, Class: Crop Pest, Weed, and Disease Control.

WaterSOLV™ BC is similar to peracetic acid yet more than 30% active, versus the 15% or less products. However, when added to water with WaterSOLV™ Curative, its’ synergy is unsurpassed in the industry for it’s cleaning effectiveness, quickness, and even more significant it’s role in soil remediation, soil fate, soil sustainability, and optimum vegetation vitality you’ll actually be able to see occur, regardless of how good your current program is today.

We’ve accomplished this across North America throughout various forms of agronomy including agriculture, nurseries, seedling operations, turf and landscape, even places they have shell issues.

The product is available in 5 gl pails and 53 gl. drums and 300 gl. tote, or 5,400 gl tanker.

Select HCT, LLC products are registered with NSF Standard 60, Canadian Standards Council, ANSI, UL and the California Department of Food and Agriculture, and now listed with OMRI and the NOP. Technology is founded on chemistry, science, biology and physics, with exceptional, reproducible results nationwide. Contains no sulfur, sulfate, urea, nitrogen or sodium.


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