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Now I’m the Guy Telling Everybody It’s the Real Deal

David Escobedo, Superintendent of Maintenance

Westbrook Village Golf Course – Peoria, AZ

“I have been using the HCT product (WaterSOLV™) for about 5 years. Time flies! We had a serious shell problem here and sprinkler heads were getting stuck on and my guys were always spending a lot of time cleaning the shells out.

Ever since we started using (WaterSOLV™) we have seen a dramatic reduction in the amount of shells that we have to deal with. That allows us to utilize our staff for things other than sprinkler heads.

soil sample pulled by david escobido at westbrook village golf course using waterSOLV

We provide water to several of the local HOA’s. We have tied our main line to several locations and we put water meters on them. It’s very important that we keep our water clean and functional for these HOA’s.

We had several areas where local landscapers responsible for the HOA’s in the area were coming to us with issues with the emitters, and those phone calls have reduced greatly as well. The product (WaterSOLV™) has been working well for us. We are really happy with it.

We have seen a major reduction in the amount of wetting agents that we have to buy. We have very hard soil here in Arizona and here at Westbrook Village Golf Course is no exception.

I would estimate 80% less wetting agents since we started using the HCT product (WaterSOLV™). We have seen less puddling and wet areas. Fairy ring is something we don’t see near as much of. We are seeing a lot of benefits of using the product beyond just controlling the shells.

The soils are definitely taking it all in. In Arizona we can never get a nice steady rain. We get like four inches in an hour. Both golf courses seem to take in the water a lot better than they used to.

Primarily in the desert we deal with hydrophobic areas; areas that are hard to wet. And since using the product (WaterSOLV™) we just don’t have as many of those issues.

We have not had to apply growth regulators ever since using the product.

We initially saw a big reduction in fertilizer applications because we were starting to use what was in the soil but in Arizona we don’t have a very nutrient fulfilling soil so we do some fertilizing. I definitely have seen a lot of benefits: healthier turf, better color, better infiltration without the use of expensive wetting agents.

Members are super happy with how the course is looking right now and happy members make me happy!

And because the turf is healthier we’ve seen ball marks and divots repair quicker than they did with unhealthy turf. I believe the HCT product is a very good thing to add to your existing program to enhance things that you’re already doing.

The recent aerification went really well. The tines went right down.

We didn’t see the aerifiers bounce around like we have in the past.

With all the play we’ve been getting, compaction is a big problem and we are able to aerify and water without disturbing play. Members seem to be really happy with course conditions and like I said if they’re happy I'm happy.

It took our slosh problem a few weeks to go away but once we saw it go away we haven’t seen it come back so we think it’s working really well for us.

It's definitely a game changer. I have talked to several other companies when I was first approached with this. Obviously we are skeptical when a new product comes out and they tell us it's going to do wonders for us. But I talked to a few superintendents I knew around town; guys that I really trust and respect. And when they told me this was the real deal.

Then I had to try it out. Once we did that, now I’m the guy telling everybody it’s the real deal. It really has helped us out tremendously.

We are using 4 gallons of the acid product and maybe a gallon and a half of the peroxide product per million gallons of water and it has reduced our water demand, especially in the times when we use a lot of water due to high winds or high temperatures, we have reduced a little bit of our evaporation by getting the water into the soil faster. We have seen the numbers for water usage decline and that's always a good thing. It has been a big help for us.

We have also seen more uniformity in growth and color. I dealt with a lot of fairy ring here when I started and we haven’t done anything miraculous or anything that would jump out at you to control that.

We don't spray a lot of fungicide or that sort of thing and we have seen a lot of the fairy ring disappear and I think that has a lot to do with the uniformity and the distribution of the water that penetrates the soil. So we are seeing a lot of good things.

Our members want to see green grass and that’s what we are able to give them.”

HCT Agriculture Spotlight

WaterSOLV™ Curative Organic

WaterSOLV™ Curative has been taking the agronomy industry by storm with several million acres of agriculture, over 100 golf courses, and dozens of nurseries and landscape applications. With such immediate benefits that have proven to be sustainable and even improve conditions and reduce need over time. Consider WaterSOLV™ Curative the key to unlocking the power of the worst water and restoring the balance your soil has been begging for.

  • Bad water made rewarding

  • Scale unlocked; dries to powder not hardness

  • Sodium and chloride detoxification

  • Bicarbonate no longer concerning

  • pH reduction/no longer determinate factor

  • Melt caliche like warm butter without no manual effort

  • Increase effectiveness of manual aerification; users report no more broken tines or pre-soaking

  • Direct replacement for sulfurous acids

  • Line cleaner

  • Slime remover

  • Total soil remediation

WaterSOLV™ Curative has been OMRI Listed Organic since 2021. OMRI supports organic integrity by developing clear information and guidance about materials, so that producers know which products are appropriate for organic operations under the National Organic Program (NOP).

WaterSOLV™ Curative is often and not always an essential part of our customized plans for each and every soil and water situation. While issues are universal their causes are complex and specific. That's why we created our own soil and water testing matrix to create custom prescriptions for our customers that are aimed at solving the source of problems, and reducing the need not only for wetting agents, sulfuric acid, and manual aerification, but reducing the need for our chemistry as well. Most of our long term users are on maintenance programs using just 3-6 ppm of a custom blended chemistry injected directly into their irrigation system.

HCT's purpose and privilege is providing sustainable and cost effective solutions to the chronic problems that plague soil health in the world of water and agronomy. We consistently reduce water demand 15% and increase crop yields 20% and more. When you treat water ‘well’ with WaterSOLV™ you increase efficiency, decrease costs, increase yield and improve aeration.

You stabilize soil solubility just by treating your water, and with a detailed water and soil analysis, we can show you how.

HCT, LLC | (888) 788-5807

Making Water a Better Solution™ | Sustainable Chemistry to Water™

Well-Klean©, WaterSOLV™, Water Treatment for Agronomy™

WaterSOLV™ pHix™ & WaterSOLV™ Grow are trade names of HCT, LLC



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