The WaterSOLV Custom Turf Program

With continuous use, the WaterSOLV Program treats water to foster the vitality of your turf, shrubs and trees. Treatment of your water ranges from 1.5 to 3 ppm which is just 1.5 to 3 gallons of product for every million gallons of water. Effective water treatment leads to infiltration, which leads to the transportation of moisture and nutrition along with moisture retention, less evaporation, less water demand, more available nutrition resulting in agronomic vitality like never seen before. In turf; consistency in soil, turf and playing conditions throughout the course, transitions made easy, no fairy ring, and perhaps no sod replacement and lesser aerifying, all at a lower operational cost.

Visible results are often observed in the first 3-4 months and continue to improve conditions of everything from clogged sprinkler heads (solved) to shrubs to spots where you may have never been able to grow grass before.

The WaterSOLV Program is neither a nutrient or fertilizer, though they will likely harvest complexed nutrition from the soil for some time and bound up nutrition in the water, reducing nutritional demand for a good period of time. The WaterSOLV Program takes a completely different approach, making complexe