How WaterSOLV Makes Hard Water Beneficial | Probe Penetration

Making Hard Water Beneficial

Year over year, more alkalinity reduction, more wetting agents, continual bald spots, fairy ring, re-sod, add calcium, add gypsum, transition lingering months away. Gypsum is a desiccant. All along more nitrogen is applied, more organic matter is plowed into the soil; sand to the turf, all to placate the actual problem - SCALE - carbonate/ carbon dioxide complexing the minerals while sodium lingers around toxifying the vegetation.

Traditional Treatment:

Blend with filtered water, add acid to lower pH by releasing alkalinity making the water more soluble to carry nutrients through the carbonate scale to the root zones, aerify, verti-cut, flush salts, add wetting agents, beneficial bacteria, ...

Why it keeps getting worse:

As water is consumed (the H20 part), minerals in the water concentrate. Mother Nature then has them nucleate and GROW crystals - yes, just lik