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Amazing Agronomic Transformation with 100% Reclaimed Water: WaterSOLV Turf Testimonial in Fountain H

Reclaimed Water Turf and Tree Solutions at Fountain Hills just outside of Phoenix, Arizona

“When we started the program we were getting half inch core we are getting somewhere between six to 10 inches of depth in our samples. Its been a considerable difference"

We even see roots down there and its the only change we’ve made. It has made a big difference in the amount of water the soil can handle. We are not getting the puddles of water anymore.

Our water quality is horrible. We are a dead end lake of 100% reclaimed water with forced evaporation from the fountain for 15 minutes, over 9 hours a day. We had a lot of yellowing in the trees, definitely a lot of salt issues. They were burned on the edges and yellowing out. As you can see now they are happier that’s for sure and they are nice and thick. We are starting to see the results we’ve been looking for.

You can see the old growth. There’s not much. And you can see the new growth it’s all full. Its just a night and day difference.

We have not used any fertilizer this summer. This is just the nutrients that are in the soil that you said we would get out of it. You can see how green it is.

We have certainly had some rain and that helped as well. We were seeing the change before the rain as well. It’s night and day difference in the short amount of time that we’ve used it (7 months). To see this kind of turnaround is really good."

For more information about custom solutions call us at: (888) 788-5807

National Sanitation Foundation Standard 60 Certified

Registered with the California Department of Food and Agriculture

Well-Klean©, WaterSOLV™ and Water Treatment to Agronomy are trade marks of HCT, LLC

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