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How Well-Klean is Restoring Health and Longevity to Wells We Thought were Going or Gone for Good

Restore old wells, mitigate the deterioration of existing wells and recover wells made of wire wrap steel. Well-Klean© is a revolution in restoring health and longevity to wells we thought were dying for good.

What We've Learned:

  • Most water wells initially get sick in 8-14 years

  • Most wells are plagued with a matrix consisting of

  • bacteria

  • mineral scale

  • metal corrosion products

  • biomatter

  • Conventional cleaning methods result in short-term productivity and/or premature failure

Conventional Approaches that Exacerbate Problems and How:

  • Brush & Bail - spread biology throughout the well

  • Chlorinate - surface cauterize the biomatter to encapsulate

  • Jet/One directional energy products - embed biomatter into the filter pack

  • Acidize with Sulfamic or Phosphoric acid - Residuals are nutrients for bacteria

  • Biodispersant - usually a glycolic acid which only disperses biomatter and is a food source for bacteria

  • Dry ice - simply does not clean a thing

How Well-Klean© is Changing the Industry:

Well-Klean© Solutions program is perhaps the most aggressive, effective and durable water well rehabilitation approach available in today’s marketplace.

The Program includes identifying what needs to be done, how it needs to be done, the certified chemistry, processes, procedures, equipment, and the Federal, County and municipal requirements.

The success of the program is attributed to our customers, chemistry and science, and the consulting engineers, as we continue to identify, develop and improve on the variables forming a consortium of best practices.

HCT’s Approach

Accurately assess and prescribe the remediation based on proven principles and empirical successes including chemistry and physics - If necessary, remediate with a biocide, then descale, neutralize/passivate/develop, install pump, properly disinfect.

Let’s get all the loose debris out of the well while not spreading the bacteria throughout the well by using a qualifying biocide and cleaner while brushing. It may seem like overkill, but once we examine the microbiology we can see how effective it can be in this process. Biocide is a cleaner (not a disinfectant, biodispersant or acid) gets into these colonies, breaks them down so they can be drawn out of the well.

Finally, we can get our descaler through the biomatter to dissolve scale. Specified soak time breaks down oxide scale without corrosion.

In one step we neutralize, plunge to break things loose, evacuate the matter and fill while passivating any low carbon steel casing.

It’s now time to install the pump, flush and develop the well, then mix the disinfectant above ground, put it into the well and column pipe, allow it to soak, then flush, pass BacT and coliforms, and away you go for years to come.

As a Well Service Provider

Differentiation! Processes and procedures that work, that result in repeat business. One of the only programs that allows us to actually predict the outcome in advance. More work, more man hours, for higher yields and longer lasting results - everyone is a winner.

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