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5 screen screen The Headlights of your car are a very important element to make your car look more attractive. However, you might sometimes have problems in making the headlights seem brand new again. In this case, you might be interested in buying headlights that give you the same style and function as the original ones, but with a fresh look. Selecting the right headlights can be really tricky. Some headlights are expensive to replace, but you don't want to change the parts that are not the originals and have a fresh look. What should you do? You can try to change the headlights yourself, but in that case, you may have to do more work than just installing new headlights. Before you replace the headlights, here are the things you should know: The Original Headlights The original headlights are easy to find. All the headlights are installed on the back of the headlight housing. You can find the original headlights by looking at the light housing. To avoid damage to the light, you should turn off the lights first and then detach the light housing. The Difficult Headlights The complicated ones can be replaced with the same model headlights. You just need to replace the bulbs and you will be done. To avoid damage, you should turn off the car first. The Easy Headlights These are the ones that are just a bit smaller and easier to find. You can look for them in the parking lot. In the box, you will find a small instruction guide and the original washer fluid. If you drive a sports car, it is important to replace the ball joints after driving for a while. This is because as the car is moving, it will strain the ball joints and make them break. However, replacement of the ball joints can be tricky. If you don't know how to replace the ball joints, here are the things you should know: 1. The Original Parts The original parts can be found in your car's glove compartment. If you take the tool box out, you will find it. 2. Replacing the Parts You will need to remove the wheel. The steering wheel will be in front of the wheel. Pull the steering wheel and lift up the wheel. Then, you will find the ball joints in the wheel. You will need to remove the ball joints first. Once you get them out, you will need to remove the rubber bushes. After this, you will need to use the tool to rotate the ball joints. Need to replace



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