Specifically formulated for each market segment, i.e. turf, ag, water wells. Primarily designed to overcome soil challenges from bacteria, biofilms and slime utilizing the power of hydrogen peroxide and other proprietary ingredients. Primary uses include knocking back black layer and root rot - fixing soils that have become slosh, breaking down bio-films and anaerobic bacteria that hinder vegetation vitality. 


Degrades to sustainable dissolved oxygen and water, adds amino acids, sequesters water minerals and metals to always available plant nutrients, detoxifies sodium and chloride. 


USE Rates: Ideally continuous, typically 32 fl. ounces to 2 gallons per million gallons of water, defined by the total bacteria of the source water, with additional product for mitigating existing conditions in drip lines, irrigation lines and soils unitl remediated.


Complimentary with WaterSOLV Curative where necessary for soil remedition and treatment, and when properly diluted.  


SKU: 11639
  • Added to water with additional porduct for soil remediation. Ideal for trees, turf, landscape, shrubs, gardens, potted plants, overcoming black layer, root rot, biofilms, iron/aerobic bacteria, sulfate/anaerobic bacteria and where soils are compromised by retaining water, slosh. Most conditions require repeated topical treatments.

    Compatible with WaterSOLV Curative Turf when propoely diluted. 

  • Available: 5 gl. - 53 gl. - 330 gl. 2 part.

    Per pallet: 36 ea. 5 gl. - 3 ea. 53 gl. 

    Due to concentration, considered HazMat