DESCRIPTION: GROW makes water a better solution; better than pure water and better than rain. Plants need more than just water and nutrients, they need available nutrition, oxygen, bioremediation and sodium detoxification.


GROW unleashes bound up minerals, detoxifies sodium, eliminates blight, breaks down slime barriers and root rot by ionically liberating bound nutrients and dissolved oxygen that can now be properly absorbed and utilized from soil to leaves. Ideal for use with hard water, caliche, and any other kind of mineral buildup. If water won’t flush through your soil, with enough GROW, it will.   


Within 1 to 3 weeks you’ll see your plants growing like never before. You may notice foliage exuding built up toxins in the form of chlorosis and new growth will be stronger and more beautiful than ever. 


1 Gallon WaterSOLV GROW Concentrate

Price Options
One-time purchase
32oz every month
$32.26monthly/ auto-renew
  • Net Contents: 32 FL OZ (1QT) 946 mL

  • Double (2X) or Quadrouple (4X) on initial applications where water is not penetrating. Once water penetrates, go back to iitial use rates.