HCT's Well History

Our water well program Well-Klean© began with a journey to see if we could reverse the global trend of gradual decline in productivity and the eventual need for well replacement.


We were confident we could identify the problems and perhaps create the solutions – little did we know the chemistry would all be the same, however the volumes, processes and procedures would be radically different for each well due to not only water quality, but also microbiology, casing type, aquifer conditions and prior maintenance techniques (including embedded matter from one directional energy).

Our Well-Klean© Solutions program is perhaps the most aggressive, effective and durable water well rehabilitation approach available in today’s marketplace. The success of the program is attributed to our customers, chemistry and science, and the consulting engineers as we continue to identify, develop and improve on the variables.

The Program includes identifying what needs to be done, how it needs to be done, the certified chemistry, processes, procedures, equipment, and the Federal, County and municipal requirements.


Well-Klean© products and services are available through qualifying pump and well drilling contractors and dealers. Well-Klean© Products are certified for offline use on potable water systems by the National Sanitation Foundation under NSF/ANSI Standard 60.      

HCT’s Approach


Discovery: We want to know as much about your well as possible; when it was drilled, age, drillers log, well schematic, casing alloy, microbiology (associated deterioration, bio-fouling, colonization, nodules, spores, slime), down-hole video (not just the video log).


Assessment: Based on the Discovery Data, we'll now apply best practices including processes and procedures along with chemistry, energy, tools, soak time and methods - all unique to this wells conditions and needs. The objective and intent, optimum cleaning and long lasting results. 


Scope of Work: We'll lay it all out for you and the well owner, step by step processes, methods of application, tools to be used and for how long, soak times, plunging, brushes, including their design. A combination of best practices from hundreds of wells, dozens of engineers, hydrologists, geologists and first hand field experts. We're going to bio-remediate the well, descale it, and in one step neutralize, passivate and initially develop the well, then disinfect it. 

Value Propositions

Transparency: We don't guess, we test: see a complete breakdown of our diagnostic and finely tuned, site-specific and exponentially longer lasting results. 


Restore old wells. Mitigate the deterioration of existing wells. Recover wells made of wire wrap steel. Mitigate the need for replacement wells.