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Car Wash

The Problems 

Odor, water spotting (customer satisfaction and quality of product delivery over the competition), plugged spray equipment, leaks, down-time and resources from premature erosion, corrosion and biological pitting - sump pumping cost and frequency – soap demand – wash bay air quality and safety.

Conventional Approaches

High pressure washing, steam cleaning, monthly pumping of sumps.

HCT’s Approach

Just 5 gallons of two solutions a month, minimizes hard water spots, suppresses matter that causes odor, corrosion (road salt, water and biological) and plugging of spray nozzles. Reduces soap needs 30-50% and extends the use of the reclaimed water 5 times reducing pumping frequency and costs.


Reclaimed car wash water reuse; perhaps one of the more challenging places to treat water and an amazing testing ground where 2,500 to 3,000 cars are washed each day at local airports. With two years of research in two cars wash sumps, HCT has developed a program that has proven beneficial to more than 20 airport car rental wash facilities throughout America, coast to coast.

Value Propositions

Water spot remediation, 30-50% soap reduction, 10-15% less water use, reduction in sump pump outs, extended equipment life and more dependable up time. No more odors, black matter and a positive ROI.

Investigative Water Consulting & Design

Reclaimed Treatment
Water Well Rehab, Restoration 

Water Re-use  

Salt  & Mineral Treatment & Remediation

Drip line, emitter cleaning

Water Treatment for water, soil and turf
Organic corrosion inhibitor
Anionic Surfactant
Wetting Agent
Prevention & Curative  
Car Wash Water Treatment

Black Layer, black matter remediation

Dewatering well water treatment 

Zebra & Quagga Mussel mitigation

Polar Protic Solvent Salt Mitigation

MIC Microbiologicaly Induced Corrosion

Aqueous Corrosion

Sulfate Reducing and Iron Reducing Bacteria

Chloride Remediation

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