Drip Tape and Emitter Cleaning 

Cleaning and Prevention; The WaterSOLV™ System

beaks down slime & converts scale to nutrition

With just 3 gallons per million gallons of water, you can convert shells and all sorts of scale to available nutrition while also releasing and detoxifying sodium in soils.

Revive Trees and Shrubs

Just watering turf we've seen it come through shrubs and trees in as little as 6 months. Clogged emitters were costing Baseline Trees thousands every year.  Just 1 gallon per acre ft. of water eliminated 99% of the emitter failures. Hardness in water, scale in lines, all converted to nutrition available nutrition while providing sodium remediation as well.  You can actually see the plants explode out of the ground (or box or trays).  


Shells from clams or snails, scale inside lines, simply precipitated carbonate bound minerals ready to be converted to available (free), nutrition through WaterSOLV's proprietary ion exchange solution, displacing bicarbonate with quazi acetates - organic chemistry out of the box of conventional wisdom. 


"We increased our product levels in the nursery because we could, we no longer had to chase plugged nozzles giving us an extra 16 man hours a day. We're using 20% less water, nutrition and zero sings of heat stress in AZ with pine trees in boxes."


"My guys were skeptical with the snail shells, their more than believers now. It's cured so many issues including Fairy Ring. We've not bought sod nor wetting agents for over a year now, Even our black matter on greens has gone away." Just 2-4 gallons of WaterSOLV Curative and likely WaterSOLV BC, per million gallons of water and you can see the difference as well. . . so will your clients. Breakthrough Technology to say the least!  Over 3 million acres served.

“These trees cannot tell it is summer! 21 years of doing this. What I’ve got from you is the only thing different.  It’s just the best stuff I’ve ever used.” Baseline Trees, Phoenix AZ

Detoxify Sodium and Breaking the Crust Cycle 

Sodium Remediation Na+, salt: At just a few PPM  WaterSOLV™ releases the anion attached to the free electron of sodium, exchanging in its place a proton. This renders salt inert, unattached, ready for transport, and non-toxic. Sodium is still present but not toxic. Released and detoxified, sodium can now transport with water and flush through the soil profile or transpire through the vegetation as an electrolyte without cell damage, similar to how our body does it. 

For crust and hard pan, we convert scale, the rehydratable nutrition - scale simply will not form once reacted with our chemistry. This is accomplished by replacing the carbon dioxide (the gas you see come off scale when dissolving it, to the quasi acetate (amino, acetic, glycolic, ++++ acid). Bicarbonate drops significantly, pH is moderately affected. We can now grow crops at neutral and basic pH values. Did you know calcium sulfate, drywall, also called gypsum, is a desiccant? It competes for the water molecules. No more gypsum needed when utilizing WaterSOLV Solutions

R.O. Water - Pure H2O does not dissolve scale?

Scale, hard water, impenetrable soil, these are all bound up nutrients by carbonate, the very gas that is liberated, let go, when descaling; scale and nutrients that plants crave, that are so complexed and crystallized, along with toxic sodium attachment and in many cases bacteria thriving by feeding on sulfur, manganese or iron that can't be broken down or flushed. A constant battle utilizing costly fungicides, labor intensive aerification and attempting to build sand layers over years of work without disrupting productivity or use.   

We tried everything from acid products to synthetic based products. And we weren’t really getting the response we wanted.  Our bicarb load wasn’t really going down our salt levels were really staying high, so I figured let’s try it." 

Wigwam Golf, Phoenix, AZ

Infiltration transports nutrition with water. Good infiltration provides plant hydration and

nutrition on plant demand. WaterSOLV converts scale and shells to nutrition, detoxifies sodium

and provides controlled levels of amino acids, glycolates, dissolved oxygen and pure water to the soil profile for vegetation vitality to turf, shrubs and even trees.  You'll see the difference without question. Fix the water, change your plants life.