New Solutions for Old Problems: The Well-Klean© System

HCT is engaged in several markets, all relating to the treatment of water related problems

of scale, salt, corrosion, microbiology and processes and procedures. What we are learning about processes, procedures and our proprietary blend of chemistry has changed the way we look at pH, chlorine, disinfectants and more. We are excited to share what we have discovered and the unprecedented results.

Every water well is unique from alloy to age to ground water quality. HCT has developed over 27 data points and best practices from over 700 well rehabs and from the experts involved. We are excited to share breakthrough techniques including bio-remediation with a biocide, well casing passivation, layup chemistry, how plunging replaces swabbing and the most predictable outcomes in the industry.  We have had proven success time and time again, and are happy to supply customer references upon request.

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After the Getting Started Questionnaire is completed we need two things to get started: ​

  1. Ground Water Quality Report
    If it is from within the last two years, that’s fine. It tells us mainly three things; whether the water is scale forming or corrosive and whether is going to cause biological challenges with relation to sulfate content and steel casing.

  2. Downhole video
    This helps us visualize the integrity of the casing, the type of biomatter, the density and volume of scale, and ability to differentiate between the two and to inspect a variety of zones and what is needed. This will also help us understand what processes to apply, how much chemistry to apply and when bailing is needed between processes.

Once we have a full picture of your well and your needs, we are ready to start the Well-Klean© System which is detailed in the downloadable PDF below.  Keep in mind that this is a general guide, and can change based on your well's specific needs.