WaterSOLV Data

Texas Transformation


2018 to 2019 Comparison Somewhere near Dallas & Ft. Worth Texas

Observations - 90 Days into Program

GCS – “Attached are photos of this morning after 2.88" of rain that stopped around 2pm yesterday. One pic is of me driving in number two fairway in cart around a drain basin. No polysaccharide squish from the tires. Also #12 fwy I drove the greens mower through while going to test out depth on verticutters. No squish, simply amazing.

We have installed several thousand feet of French drains while I have been here 8 years. Did I really need half of them? I have one that I have not installed on back left of 18 green by a drain box, today the golf super drove a sprayer through the area and did not cause ANY damage. Amazing!

The last two photos are where it all began. Bound up pigment washing through the greens. The last pic of water by itself is today. pH 7.8, EC .9, lowest EC we have had since I have been checking drains in the greens, EC lowest with the least amount of pigment. Pigment stops coming through, so do built up salts. Then maintenance rates start being applied for water issues at hand.

I see this product helping every golf course, landscape operation big to small. I would love to be a part of this revolutionary product. You tell me when and how I can help.