Water & Money Saving Commercial Car Wash Solutions

WaterSOLV™ Curative is an alkalinity reduction solution, an acid, with proprietary chemistry that stabilizes hardness from forming scale and forms protective mono-molecular films that minimize corrosion. Less scaling, less corrosion and greater water reusability; up to 5 times increase in water reuse.  

WaterSOLV™ BC is a bioremediation solution that suppresses the environment conducive to the support of algae and bacteria. That black, stinky stuff that is slippery and that consumes your wash system, that’s the matter that WaterSOLV™ BC works on.  

Problems SOLVed

•  Odors

•  Black Matter

•  Water Corrosion

•  Microbial Corrosion

•  Salt Water Corrosion

•  Hard Water Spotting

Water Saving Solutions
  1. As much as 5 times increased water reuse – 5 times less pumping expense

  2. Less maintenance and repairs; corrosion inhibitors, water softening and solubilization technology, cleanup existing and prevent the formation of scale, salt, from water while preventing corrosion microbiology and erosion

  3. Reduce soap use by making water more efficient through separation of solubles from insolubles; soap demand is reduced from 30% to 50%

  4. Reduce your RO rinse water: WaterSOLV™ is so efficient at converting hardness to stable ions, the need for RO water to rinse soap and water hardness is minimal. RO rinse cycles can typically be reduced over 30%.

  5. Increased customer satisfaction. We recommend renting one of your own cars and see if the cleanliness meets your standards. 

Save Money and Go Green

The WaterSOLV™ program should save you more than double what it costs by reduced water use, sump pumping and discharge and soap costs. Additional savings can be realized from increased system performance, less downtime, less corrosion, maintenance and repairs and increased value to your customers.

WaterSOLV™ is also completely environmentally friendly.  It reduces your carbon footprint and is endorsed by the ANSI, the NSF, and the CDFA to name a few. 

The No Commitment Program

Two times a week, add ½ gallon of each product to the main drain of the recycled wash water. That’s it, assuming the sump system is near 5,000 gallons in holding capacity, and each time the sump is pumped. That’s just one five-gallon container of each product, per month.


Every 3 months we will automatically send you your quarterly supply and bill you monthly. That’s it, it’s that simple. After the initial trial period, your initial quarterly shipment will be sent to you unless you choose to opt out. Thereafter, you may opt out at any time. All we ask is that you pay for any product already shipped to you.