Why and How to Stop Using Sulfuric/N-pHuric Acid

WaterSOLV Curative makes sulfuric and all the headaches that come with it a thing of the past. This is how WaterSOLV Curative changes some boundaries of agronomy. 1. Infiltration, Available Hydration & Nutrition - The evaporative salts of strong acids do not redissolve by the use of strong acids. In other words, when water is acidified with sulfurous acids, as water evaporates, the minerals (and nutrients) concentrate, nucleate and form crystals. As time goes on, these crystals become more like cement and infiltration of water and nutrients become challenging. Water demand increases, plant vitality suffers due to stress from unavailable hydration and nutrition. Expenses increase as well. 2.

Update: First Quarter 2020 HCT's World of Water

We’re putting our materials at your fingertips: HCT Launches Website Based Presentations and Tools Our materials are at your fingertips, downloadable from our website to your computers. Tools include calculating treatment volumes and costs, water and soil analysis and interpretations, even pump settings based on your individual pump and chemical feed rates/requirements. . Case studies, brochures, even presentations, all the essential tools are now available on our website for immediate download. AG Tools: https://www.hctllc.com/ag-tools AG Photos: https://www.hctllc.com/photos-ag Turf Tools: https://www.hctllc.com/turf-tools Turf Photos: https://www.hctllc.com/turf-photos Golf Cour

WaterSOLV BC & Well-Klean Well Application Overview

Alpha Southwest, Inc. is New Mexico’s premier supplier of custom engineered pumping systems, fluid handling systems, water treatment systems, wastewater & storm water pumping systems, SCADA systems, and measurement instruments. ASW’s service capabilities include fabrication, machining, installation, support & maintenance, well services, and general contracting. Three years later, they’re still one of our happiest and most successful customers. The removal of scale and what they call metallic oxides is an easy task for Well-Klean© descalers. The removal of biomatter is a technique, as is the amount of chemistry and type, application techniques, cleaning procedures and soak times, while balan

The WaterSOLV Challenge: Fertilizer vs. Available Nutrition

What's it going to take for your water to convert this fertilizer to available nutrition? The difference between fertilizer and available nutrition has superintendents, agronomists and gardeners in shock. Watch the full video and so many more on the HCTLLC youtube channel Ironite consists of: 1% nitrogen 1% soluble potash 5% sulfur 8% calcium 20% iron Protocol: Ironite placed in both beakers Add purified water to Beaker 1 and Beaker 2 Add exaggerated amount of Hydrochloric acid based WaterSOLV™Curative to Beaker 1 Immediately see the WaterSOLV™ treated water start to break down the Ironite pellets. 6 days later Ironite pellets are completely broken down in the WaterSOLV™ treated water and ba


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