Visuals don't lie; No Polysaccharide Squish from the Tires, Simply Amazing

"Attached are photos of this morning after 2.88" of rain that stopped around 2 PM yesterday. One pic is of me driving in cart in #2 fwy around a drain basin. No polysaccharide squish from the tires. Also #12 fwy I drove the greens mower through while going to test out depth on verticutters. No squish, simply amazing. We have installed several thousand feet of French drains while I have been here 8 years. Did I really need half of them? I have one that I have not installed on back left of #18 green by a drain box, today the golf super drove a sprayer through the area and did not cause ANY damage. Amazing! The last two photos are where it all began. Bound up pigment washing through the

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Announcing a new trial offer! Experience the revolutionary WaterSOLV™ program for turf, agriculture, nurseries, landscape and more. Turn the hardness of hard water into soluble, absorbable minerals. Watch scale become nutrition and never scale again. We treat the most persistent problems consistently over time, increasing the vitality of soil and plants indefinitely. Customers have been shocked to see shells of snails and mussels converted into available nutrition at just 3 ppm of applied WaterSOLV Curative. That's 1 gallon per acre ft. of water, 3 gallons per million gallons of water. “First summer in seven years that we haven’t had to remove a single sprinkler head because of shells.”- D


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