WaterSOLV Annual Success Photo Contest! $500 PRIZE!

Participate in our Annual WaterSOLV™ Success Photo Contest and earn a chance to win a $500 Home Depot Gift Certificate! We will be giving away a $500 Home Depot gift card to the most dramatic photo evidence of how the WaterSOLV™ program has benefited your operations and supplemented with pictures. Photos will be posted here, on HCT's Photo Page. Email your photo entry to info@hctllc.com with the subject PHOTO CONTEST to enter to win a $500 Home Depot gift card! Void where prohibited. Must be over 18 years of age. Maximum two entries per person per year. Selection will be made in Q1 the following year. Contestant will be contacted and noted the winner on the website. Contestant will have 90 d

Infiltration: The Road to Nutritional Availability and Plant Vitality

In agronomy, we put a lot of emphasis on creating nutritional availability by reducing bicarbonate through acid suppression. Initially sulfurous or weak acids tend to show amazing signs of success however continued use leads to disappointment by year three applying even more product year over year, then forcing the need for calcium sulfate (gypsum, drywall, plaster paris), all the while watching costs elevate and vitality becoming more challenging with noticeably less infiltration, more nutrition bound up in our soils and less micro-nutrients in our tissue analyses. Sodium and chloride readily present themselves, damaging leaf cells. We push sodium out of the root zone with organic matter, f


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