Turning Scale to Sodium that Can Flush

The Solubility of Salts and Water: Why Salt Won't Flush and How to Break Through all the Different Kinds of Scale Different types of carbonate bound scale salts treated with our WaterSOLV Curative chemistry include: evaporative scale off of a swamp cooler thermally precipitated scale from a water well sea shells calcite crystals struvite which is formed from dairy effluent calcium phosphate scale from a golf course sprinkler system caliche silica scale iron silica scales Pure distilled water does nothing to break down minerals that have already taken on carbon dioxide and complexed. When we purify water, taking TDS out, we only cause the water to be able to absorb more TDS. Once the water ha

Zero pH WaterSOLV Converts Scale to Nutrition

WaterSOLV Curative has a zero pH is yet basically non-corrosive to metal and hands and naturally, quickly and healthfully puts precipitated minerals back into solution, as nutrition, and readily available with water for plant uptake. Shells and scale are simply complexed minerals. TDS is the visual form. Bound up nutrition, that HCT has figured out how to harvest into viable nutrition. Today we use sulfurous / N-pHuric acids, adding hydrogen to gas off carbonate and increase the solubility of the water and availability of the nutrients in the water for the plant uptake. But what we fail to see are the reacts beyond that, where UC Davis showed the evaporative salts of strong acids become dens


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