Solutions that Last for Fairy Ring, Black Matter, Shells and Clogged Sprinkler Heads

Solutions for Black Matter, Fairy Ring, & Shell Clogged Sprinklers at Westbrook Village Golf Club The HCT, LLC WaterSOLV Turf program has been revolutionary with golf superintendents for its multifaceted impact on turf management, revitalizing even the most problematic, unfavorable water and soil conditions with one or two of HCT's water treatment additives. Black matter, sprinklers clogged with shells, impenetrable mineral scale and soil cake, caliche, dead spots that you may have given up on, even fairy ring, all can be resolved with our unconventional, break-through chemistry at just 1 to 3 gallons per acre ft. of water use. Try it out by just spray treating the toughest spot on your cour

Amazing Agronomic Transformation with 100% Reclaimed Water: WaterSOLV Turf Testimonial in Fountain H

Reclaimed Water Turf and Tree Solutions at Fountain Hills just outside of Phoenix, Arizona “When we started the program we were getting half inch core we are getting somewhere between six to 10 inches of depth in our samples. Its been a considerable difference" We even see roots down there and its the only change we’ve made. It has made a big difference in the amount of water the soil can handle. We are not getting the puddles of water anymore. Our water quality is horrible. We are a dead end lake of 100% reclaimed water with forced evaporation from the fountain for 15 minutes, over 9 hours a day. We had a lot of yellowing in the trees, definitely a lot of salt issues. They were


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