How Well-Klean is Restoring Health and Longevity to Wells We Thought were Going or Gone for Good

Restore old wells, mitigate the deterioration of existing wells and recover wells made of wire wrap steel. Well-Klean© is a revolution in restoring health and longevity to wells we thought were dying for good. What We've Learned: Most water wells initially get sick in 8-14 years Most wells are plagued with a matrix consisting of bacteria mineral scale metal corrosion products biomatter Conventional cleaning methods result in short-term productivity and/or premature failure Conventional Approaches that Exacerbate Problems and How: Brush & Bail - spread biology throughout the well Chlorinate - surface cauterize the biomatter to encapsulate Jet/One directional energy products - embed biomatter

Revolutionary Solutions for Reclaimed and Hard Water and the Toughest Soil

WaterSOLV™ Solutions - Two break-through chemical technologies that are changing the industry of agronomy. What plagues our industry is nutrient availability and anoxic bacteria. We can see how happy the soil and plants are through rate of growth, uniformity and vitality, increased product quality and notably increased yields. The culprits are carbonate, alkalinity, bacteria combined with sulfur, and the bio-excretion of polysaccharides, followed by the lack of oxygen. Do we assess our water quality and soil conditions incorporating bacteria and oxygen? Is black layer a function of sulfur and bacteria with the lack of oxygen? The right products for the right problems Precise Prescriptions Fo

Taking the Guesswork Out of Turf Transitions in Arizona

Paving the Road to a Great Transition Our clients tell us their transitions are smoother than they ever could have imagined. Even in agriculture and nurseries, the signs of heat stress have dissipated, growth and vitality continue while using less water and managing pH values at 7.0. We're producing some of the highest quality turf, striped Bermuda fairways in the summer on 1 1/2 inches of dense clay and laid on top of granite rock. The same fairway carrying 660 ppm of sodium at pH 7.81. Three of the many courses we treat in the southwest are are giving us great feedback. Papago Golf Course was our first course in Arizona and has been using the WaterSOLV program for just under 2 years. Wigw

Arizona Country Club: WaterSOLV is doing Absolute Wonders for Our Turf

We engaged with Arizona Country Club in February of 2018. The course was in great shape and watered with the SRP canal water - no reclaim but plenty of bacteria. The clients incentive to give us a try was that he could tell it was taking a lot more resources to get his turf to respond to treatment and transition, and one of his good colleagues was touting the program having been on the program for the prior 20 months (Papago Golf Course, our BETA site). After being on the program just 90-100 days, Mr. Putt stated "I believe I'm seeing the impact of the chemistry in the vitality of the turf and the infiltration and retention of moisture in the soil. I'm actually starting to feel the turf and


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