WaterSOLV Turf Symposium at Wigwam Golf by Wilbur-Ellis

We were honored to host turf experts across Arizona to see the results that has got Wigwam's members and staff talking. After years of fighting a myriad of issues on the course as well as poor water quality the Wigwam Superintendent credits the WaterSOLV™ program alone for completely revolutionizing the way he treats his turf. It has also completely eliminated the dead zones. But Wigwam is the most excited to share with their colleagues how easy it is now to pull a soil sample. Perviously impenetrable soil is now rich, moist, and cuts like butter. The same tool would barely go in a few inches just a few months ago. Jason Snyder of the Wigwam explained his experiences with the product incl

HCT Goes Geothermal, Artesian and ASR

A Permanent Solution for Constantly Seizing Geothermal Wells Interesting how our business works. I was just explaining one of our customers to our Operations Officer Marcus and how the client uses our concentrate as a drip feed in a geothermal water well that used to seize up on them every 2-3 months due to the formation of scale. Wouldn’t you know, in less than 4 hours, our dealer in Utah asked if we had a solution for geothermal wells. We sure do! Artesian Wells (No photo to share) Two separate artesian wells have been rehabilitated with our Well-Klean© program. The contractor was so impressed with results at the well at Lake Powell, AZ that he recommended we take advantage of the post reh

WaterSOLV Curative to the Rescue: Snail Overrun Irrigation Epidemic

Snails plugging landscape irrigation lines in West Valley of metro Phoenix have become a costly epidemic that requires nonstop work for growers, landscapers and superintendents alike. HCT WaterSOLV™ Curative makes the never ending plugged emitter battle a thing of the past through environmental chemical water treatment. One client reports having 3,000 compromised emitters due to an explosion in the snail population and as soon as they are cleaned, they are plugged shortly after. Just 3 ppm of WaterSOLV™ Curative can "SOLV" the problem, hands free, putting the calcium taken out of the water, back into the water as available plant and turf nutrient. Not only does this save labor hours, the lo


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