What We Thought We Knew About PH: A Whole New Way of Looking at Alkalinity

"I've been using your product for 4 years now and you've completely changed the way we used to manage our water based on pH and sulfuric acid. We've gone from 40 ppm of sulfuric to now 2 ppm WaterSOLV™ Curative, we have moved our pH set point from 6.2 to 7.0, we are applying the chemistry quantitatively versus by pH and using pH just for monitoring and piece of mind." Changing the Characteristics of Water in Agronomy "I've never spent less and grown more with less water. Yes, it is break-though and everything you have told me, though it sounded crazy, has been accurate. Simply the most amazing thing I have ever seen." - Gary, Tempe AZ The WaterSOLV Program: Part I - Minerals - We use one of

Turf Aerification is Effective Again with the WaterSOLV Treatment Program

Traditional turf aerification doesn't necessarily get at the root of the problem. Black layer creates dead zones, anoxic zones, hydrogen sulfide gas (rotten egg smell). It's sulfate reducing bacteria; bacteria that survives on sulfate. When you threaten bacteria, they produce polysaccharide, a bio-film impervious to acids, restricting infiltration as a whole from water and nutrients - also deterring water retention as well as plant vitality. Our traditional approach is we apply more water, nutrient, alkalinity reduction and on and on, we attempt to flush, increase our soils sand content with continually diminishing results and satisfaction. We are constantly observing a smaller watering win

City of Riverside and Elsinore Municipal Water District Rehab Multiple Wells with HCT's Well-Kle

The City of Riverside and the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District have re-engaged with HCT in 2018 for more Well-Klean© Program municipal water well rehabilitations. Having completed several wells in 2017 with the program, both organizations, along with their advisory engineering group Geosciences, have specified HCT materials, processes and procedures for seven new projects. Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District, following our history of success with projects by Terry Watkins of Geoscience, EVMWD is on their third round of rehabilitating a few wells using our Well-Klean© materials, processes and procedures. Bakersfield Well and Pump, after using the Well-Klean program on 5 wells and


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