Spray Testing HCT WaterSOLV on the Turf at Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, AZ

Seeing is believing so Mark Hensley decided to have a few of his customers topically treat troubled areas once a week with our proprietary blend of chemistry, WaterSOLV™. In 20 days, after only two spray applications WaterSOLV™ took the most treaded, unforgiving spots on the field and brought it back to life. WaterSOLV™ is certified by the California Department of Food and Agriculture and registered as Grade 0-0-0 - meaning it literally has no nutrient value. It works with your water and your soil to restore balance to the whole. Dead zones, black layer, high salt, caliche, hard water, even mussel problems are just building on themselves with traditional methods. This is chemistry. We don'

Sulfuric Pump Failures, Solutions and WaterSOLV Program Implementation at Phoenix Golf Course

Recently we learned that a customer's pump failed. We believe it was the same pump they used to pump sulfuric some time ago and the same pump sulfuric acid suppliers tend to supply today (same manufacturer and model). I presume the pump was worn out and they replaced it. We just learned about that Friday of last week through a third party. Our Werecon system uses a much more durable and reliable pump, same manufacturer. Nobody wants a pump problem! According to Werecon, the pumps we are using have an expected service life of 12 years. Another turf client has a different pump system that actually does not regulate the chemical low enough. Their first application was grossly applied and so the


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