Happy HCT Customers: Testimonials and Custom Assessments

HCT's chemistry is innovative, but the feedback is captivating; after three years of treating water in industries with razor thin margins we are beyond happy to share with you some amazing customer feedback about how HCT has changed how they do business, the the money that they've saved and the money that they've made from our water well, agriculture, horticulture, carwash and turf programs. In just 3 years we have served over 475 water well completions, more than 200,000 acres of agriculture under treatment, we serve 80% of the Arizona ornamental market, we treat reclaimed water at 20 major airport car washes, and immediately mitigated mussels, minerals and salt buildup in the Papago Golf C

Water Well Rehabilitation Cost Estimator from HCT

HCT has released a water well estimating tool providing provisions for the individual well dynamics, including age, casing alloy, type of perforations and other critical factors that impact the degree of chemistry and energy necessary for optimum results. To use the tool, simply enter corresponding numbers for each parameter, followed by casing diameter, water capacity per ft. and depth of areas to be cleaned, and the tool will calculate the estimated amount of remediation and descaling chemistry. Todd Eden, HCT's founder and also the developer of the tool at the request of customers stated: “Nothing will replace knowing the ground water quality, reviewing all the available history of the we

50 Year Water Well Treatment Veterans: It Works Far Superior to Anything We've Ever Used

Joseph Villarreal, Project Manager for Alpha Southwest in El Paso, TX, was relatively new to the water well industry when he was first introduced to Well-Klean®, but after extensive trials, tests, and on-site demonstrations, the owner gave them the 'thumbs up' to implement this ambitious and unorthodox approach to well rehabilitation and maintenance. We are happy to say they were not disappointed with the results: Our chemistry creates the opportunity to sustain water wells for decades longer than ever before. And it's not a: 'one-size-fits-all' solution: the more we know about your specifics the quicker and more easily we can finally, sustainably balance the specific eco-system of your we


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