Never Before Seen Results from Papago Golf Course in Phoenix, AZ

"I’ve done everything to this berm here to promote growth to the extent I even did some hand injection. Since the implementation of WaterSOLV™ Curative I’ve done nothing to it and it is as green and vibrant as any turf on the course." June 20, 2017 - We just returned from visiting our installation at Papago Golf Course in Phoenix, AZ where we began treatment in September of 2016. Initially we were called in to mitigate the zebra mussels in the sprinkler lines. We applied our material by continuous chemical injection at the rate of 1 gallon per A/ft. of water – 3 ppm. About 6 months thereafter, without further mussel incident, based on water and soil analysis we increased the dosage to furth

Announcing the HCT LLC Partnership with Simplot Partners

After two years of laboratory testing and nearly one year of field trials, Simplot Partners is distributing HCT’s proprietary solutions for the turf and ornamental markets. We are excited to be spreading our solutions to more and more destinations and applications all over the world through qualified and professional organizations like Simplot. From zebra mussels, salt, and hard water to water wells, if you have a water related business, HCT can help solve your problems and save money. For more information check out the HCT Youtube account. For a quick custom assessment call us at (888) 788-5807 or email The fast food industry owes a lot to J.R. Simplot Company, an agribusi

Chlorine vs WaterSOLV

“It’s like nothing I have ever seen in 30 years of well rehab business” - Jon, CA Where chlorine was always thought to be the answer, now, there's WaterSOLV...the difference is eye opening! And not only can our proprietary blends of chemistry combat buildup and damage to any waterway, it can dissolve solids ranging from scale to mussels to slime to rust far more quickly and effectively than traditional acids and applications demonstrated in the video below: Not only can this evolution in traditional chemistry save your equipment and the quality of your water, it can also save you water in several ways. We want to hear from you. If you have water problems, we can try to find new answers tog


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