Riverside California Well Rehabilitation

HCT has had the fortune after nearly three years of association, working with an amazing group of engineers in Riverside, CA, who are responsible for a substantial number of water wells. Having selected HCT's water well rehabilitation program for the rehabilitation of 5 wells, we were elated to receive a call following some of the work. "Mr. Eden, it has been a little while since we have talked, but I wanted to let you know that we recently did a down hole video of one of our water wells following the descaling process. We simply could not believe what we saw. We have never seen a well casing so clean over our entire careers." They went on to ask if we could consult for them on their remaini

It’s Just Hydrochloric Acid and Peroxide, or So We Thought

Does this look like iron scale to you? The answer to your question is more than likely, yes, but also likely iron/ferric chloride from improper chlorination. Chlorine is very corrosive. Pouring chlorine into a steel alloy well will cause more harm than good. Chlorine should be diluted in large quantities above ground, not more than 70 ppm active chlorine, then the well and pump should be flooded, allowed to soak, and then flushed. Chlorine is for disinfecting water, not for cleaning! If your well is not doing good, don't disinfect it, clean it with WaterSOLV BC. Once cleaned, then properly disinfected, you'll have a healthy and longer lasting productive well.

Well-Klean® Case Study No. 1003 in Maricopa County, East Valley, AZ

Name/Location of Well: Maricopa County – East Valley, AZ Description/Well Dynamics: Monitoring/Circulation Well Build Date: N/A Casing Diameter: 6” Well Depth: 252’ Static Water Level: 2’ Type of Casing, Slots and Intervals: PVC casing, Sch. 40 PVC .010 from 160’-190’; 220’-230’; 240’-250’. Reason for Treatment: Well circulation system could not operate correctly. Pump was pulled, and downhole video revealed slots were 80% plugged with mineral scale and iron bacteria. Assessment/Recommendations: Well-Klean® Pre-blend at 15% of well water volume with hydrogen peroxide biocide at 1,900 ppm - blended with Well-Klean Concentrate at 10% by volume of HP – Passivation and neutralization with soda w

The Ideal Plunger Type Disc for Wire Wrap Well Screens

Overview: Holes and slots designed to relieve water pressure. Additional holes would be incorporated to bolt onto tool. Tight fitting diameter to administer aggressive plunging action while releasing flappers when excessive pressure is realized. Less tight fitting for compromised wells, wells with evidence of age, corrosion and deterioration. Ideally 1/2 to 3/4 in. thick rubber, two disks at 6 to 12 inches apart on the top of the tool and two similar disks placed at the bottom of the tool.

Well-Klean® Water Well Rehabilitation Solutions

Here is our program at a glance . . . WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Because Your Safety is our Top Priority - we offer a very powerful, aggressive and effective program for the remediation, and in some cases, restoration, of water wells. Our program is synergy between chemistry, processes and procedures, that yield the optimum and longest lasting results - that we know of. Site must have potable water and wash stations. WaterSOLV BC and WELL-KLEAN® PRE-BLEND: A peroxide based and an HCl based solution. As concentrated as can be to optimize efficiency and logistics. The most effective remediation solutions we know of to date - chemistry that works, if we use them properly, and to their fullest exten

Well-Klean® Case Study | Thomas Well No. 5

Case Study: Thomas Well No. 5 Albuquerque, NM 2016 Thomas Well #5 was drilled in 1990 to a total cased depth of 1450’ deep. The static water level in 1990 was 483’ BGL. The flow rate was 2,290 GPM with a pumping level of 548’ BGL. The pump was set at 580’ BGL and the specific capacity of the well was calculated at 35.23 gallons per foot of draw down. Static water level before the well was plugged back was measured at 460’ BGL. The well before plugging operations was 1419’ deep and after plug back operations was 987’ Deep. After the plug back of the well we re-installed the pumping equipment back into the well to a setting depth of 700’ BGL. Static water level was 474’, once pumping the well,

DEAD HARVEST: National Alliance for Environmental Reform (NAER)

California’s central valley produces a quarter of America’s food, yet nearly a million acres have been forced out of production by federal laws and environmental lawsuits, costing thousands of jobs, with more to follow. When protecting species, should the human species be part of the balance? Take action at NAER.INFO "NRDC was founded in 1970 by a group of law students and attorneys at the forefront of the environmental movement. Today's leadership team and board of trustees makes sure the organization continues to work to ensure the rights of all people to clean air, clean water, and healthy communities." - www.nrdc.org With 40% unemployment, the small valley town of Mendota feels the full

Well-Klean® Case Study No. 1002 | Yavapai County near Oak Creek, AZ

Name/Location of Well: Yavapai County – Near Oak Creek, AZ Description/Well Dynamics: Irrigation Build Date: N/A Casing Diameter: 8” Well Depth: 828’ Static Water Level: 389’ Type of Casing, Slots and Intervals: Steel casing, vertical slotted from 677’ to 828’. Reason for Treatment: Well provides water to pond for golf course irrigation. Capacity for well had declined enough that irrigation from pond was not possible. Removed pump and downhole video revealed 75%-80% blockage of perforations by mineral scale, iron bacteria and some bio-films Assessment/Recommendations: Well-Klean® Pre-blend at 10% of well water volume with hydrogen peroxide biocide at 3,000 ppm - blended with Well-Klean Conce

The Gradual Death of a Well is Industry Wide: How to Finally Stop Hurting Your Wells

What You Should Know about Water Wells and how to finally achieve Water Wellness The main culprits to water well plugging are mineral scale, iron corrosion products, and microbial colonization by bacteria and possibly coliforms and e-Coli. Chlorine is a disinfectant – used to disinfect soluble and light amounts of microbes. Bio-dispersants are not effective at mitigating microbes. Biocides should be used to effectively mitigate water well type microbiology. CFU’s – Organisms are measured by colony forming units because they multiply and grow. Water wells get colonized by bacteria and coliforms. Improper cleaning procedures, processes and chemistry increase microbes rate and reach of coloniza

Well-Klean® Case Study No.1001 | ABC Well | Prescott Valley, AZ

ABC Well – Prescott, AZ Area Description/Well Dynamics: Build Date: 2004 Casing Diameter: 8” Well Depth: 396’ Static Water Level: 190’ Type of Casing, Slots and Intervals: Steel casing, vertical slotted from 190’ to 396’. Reason for Treatment: Well was producing 180 GPM new in 2004. Production had gradually declined to approximately 140 GPM in 2014 - and 58 GPM in February 2015. A downhole video was taken revealing 30-50% blockage by what visually appeared to be mineral scale, iron oxidizing bacteria and related bio-films. Assessment/Recommendations: Well-Klean® Pre-blend at 10% of well water volume with hydrogen peroxide biocide at 2,100 ppm - blended with Well-Klean Concentrate at 10% by v

HCT WaterSolv & AG: Hard Water is Now the Best Water

Here you go world . . . hard water made valuable. HCT WaterSolv - the biodegradable acid additive that revolutionizes the solubility of minerals in water. 1 gallon treats 1 acre ft. of water. 3 gallons treats 1 million gallons of water. Results are seen in 2 to 3 weeks. Blend into water, fertilizer or acid. Year round hydration, 12% less water, 20% increase in growth rate and size. HCT solves water problems once only thought to be 'treatable' and we want to prove it to you. "Water is the most dynamic substance on Earth. Water treatment is the art of balancing and optimizing three primary categories; minerals, metals and microbes (and mussels and mud). We prescribe innovative, permanent solut


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