Better than


You may think rain or more water is a flushing mechanism, and in many cases it can be and is. But it is important to know the actual reactions rain and your water cause.

Rain does not repair or fix infiltration challenges cause by scale, biology or bio-films. Rain solubilizes soluble salts as in toxic sodium and sodium chloride, zinc and zinc chloride, and also nitrogen. The largest value of rain is pure H2O, and it’s is free, but just as beneficial is the dissolved oxygen it carries which is highly oxygenated water.


This is chemically aerifying your soil, through rain. Think of it, it’s the same as oxygenating a pond, where oxygen is beneficial to maintain aerobic conditions, like aerification and sanding or the addition of matter to create pour space in soils for the SAR and or CEC. This is likely what keeps our rain forests from becoming anoxic and overrun by disease from dead vegetation.


See here how pure H2O will not convert various forms of mineral scale and bound nutrients to available nutrition, and where the addition of WaterSOLV™ Curative will convert them to available, high-grade nutrition (and that when evaporated to dryness will not precipitate into scale again like they would normally do).